Aircloak Insights - Privacy policy

This privacy policy outlines what data is being collected about you
when you are using Aircloak Insights. It also outlines your rights
and who you should reach out to if you have questions or concerns.

Please note that you can review this privacy policy and withdraw your
consent at any time.

Contact information

This Aircloak Insights instance is run and operated by Aircloak GmbH.
As such Aircloak GmbH is the Data Controller when it comes
to the personal information collected by this Aircloak Insights instance.

If you have questions or concerns you can contact the Data Controller
or the Data Controller’s representative at:

Aircloak GmbH
Gormannstrasse 14
10119 Berlin

Tel. +49 631 9303 6248

Collection of information

Information collected for the Data Controller

The following information is recorded by Aircloak Insights:

Personal information

Your name and email address as part of your user profile as well as other
Aircloak Insights-specific system settings.

Query history

The queries you execute in Aircloak Insights along with related metadata
and the query results are recorded. Related metadata includes such things as:

  • the data source the query was run against
  • how long the query took to execute
  • how many columns were requested and how many columns had to be loaded
    out of the database
  • what query features and capabilities were used (such as function names)

Audit log

Aircloak Insights provides audit logging capabilities. In addition to the
queries being executed the audit log records actions such as changing your
profile information or logging in to the system.

For users with administrative privileges, additional information is recorded,
namely such actions as the creation of user accounts or groups, altering
data sources, or changing the general system settings.

Information collected for Aircloak GmbH

Aircloak GmbH collects pseudonymised statistics about the queries being executed.
Each analyst is identified by a pseudonym. The pseudonym is an abstract identifier
that only gives Aircloak GmbH the ability to correlate multiple actions taken by a
single individual. It does not provide Aircloak GmbH with knowledge of the user’s
name or other personal details. For each query the same metadata recorded by
Aircloak Insights is also sent to Aircloak GmbH. This includes information such as:

  • the data source the query was run against
  • how long the query took to execute
  • how many columns were requested and how many columns had to be loaded
    out of the database
  • what query features and capabilities were used (such as function names)

Aircloak GmbH does not record the queries themselves nor the query results.

The information is analysed through an instance of Aircloak Insights.
The fully anonymised statistical information of such analyses is subsequently
used to assess how well different aspects of the system perform and help
prioritise future improvements.

Storage period

Data collected by Aircloak Insights

The data collected by an Aircloak Insights installation is stored indefinitely
or until a user account is deleted

Data collected by Aircloak GmbH

The information stored by Aircloak GmbH is stored in pseudonymised form for a
period of up to 6 months. The anonymous usage statistics generated based on
the pseudonymised information is stored indefinitely.

Who has access to your personal information

Aircloak Insights

In addition to the Data Controller, all Aircloak Insights users with
administrative privileges have full insight into the personal information
stored about a user.

Aircloak GmbH

The pseudonymous information collected by Aircloak Insights on behalf of
Aircloak GmbH might be accessed by Aircloak GmbH engineers, administrators,
and affiliated personnel for debugging purposes.


If you are an EU citizen or an individual residing within the European Union,
the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants you a set of rights,
namely the right to:

  • access the data stored about you in a portable format
  • rectify the information stored about you
  • erase the information stored about you
  • restrict or object to the processing of your data
  • the ability to withdraw your consent to data collection and processing

Right to access

When logged in to Aircloak Insights you can at any time download an archive
of the information the system has stored about you. You system administrator,
controller or data protection officer might be able to provide you with
auxiliary server logs for the actions performed by you through auxiliary systems,
such a web server logs.

Right to rectify the information

When logged in to Aircloak Insights you can alter your profile information.

Right to erase the information

You can at any time request that your data protection officer, controller or
administrator delete your account. This will in turn delete all the information
Aircloak Insights stores about you.

If you want Aircloak GmbH to erase the pseudonymised information it stores
about you, please contact, providing your
Aircloak Identifier. You can find this identifier in the profile section of
the Aircloak Insights user interface.

Right to restrict or object to the processing

The collection of the personal information outlined above is a requirement to
using Aircloak Insights. You are however free to not accept this privacy policy.
Not accepting the privacy policy will prevent you from accessing, using and
querying Aircloak Insights.

Right to withdraw your consent

You can review this privacy policy at any point while logged into the
Aircloak Insights web interface. On the same page where you can review the
privacy policy you also have the ability to withdraw your consent.
Doing so will prevent you from using the system, but will not remove any
information already stored about you by Aircloak Insights. Your right to
erase the information afterwards remains untouched –
please contact your administrator.