This is the guide for using the Aircloak system.

If you find some topics are missing or confusing, please reach out to us on, and we will be happy to assist.

Reading guide

Analysts and data scientists

If you are an analyst or data scientist, we recommend the following sections:

  • The core language features chapter gives an overview of the subset of SQL supported by Aircloak Insights.
  • The best practises chapter walks through some important considerations when it comes to working with Aircloak Insights as an analyst.
  • Understanding query results explains the effects of anonymization on the results you are receiving and how these can be quantified.

System administrators

If you are a system administrator who wants to install and configure the Aircloak Insights platform, we recommend the following sections:

  • The components of Aircloak Insights gives you an initial understanding of what components the system is made out of and how they interact.
  • The resource requirements section of the deployment guide gives an idea of the resources you should make available to the distinct components of the system.
  • The installation guide in the operations section guides you through the installation.
  • Once Aircloak Insights is running, you will want to consult the monitoring section for information on how to integrate Aircloak Insights into your monitoring system. This ensures you get notified if components are misbehaving or the system needs your attention.

Accessing this guide offline

The documentation can also be read offline. It is available as a PDF and in ebook formats (epub, mobi).

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